Here you find companies I vouch for and use or have tried the products or services myself. (This page contains affiliate links)

If you are on my substack, you either are lost, or you like investing and want to be a better investor as me.

I wish that reading my newsletter were enough, but you may want to take a faster route and develop more than once a week. To help with that, I can offer one solution!

Valuation Master Class!

I have tried the course myself, and I liked it a lot. Essentially they put in everything you need to know about how to value a company from a Bachelor´s Degree in a course. It was enough for one of my engineering friends to pivot from engineering and start as an equity analyst. If that isn´t a stamp of approval, I don´t know what it is.

You will get $100 off the regular price if you click the button below. They also have a 30-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. So it is very close to a free lunch if there is one.

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If you feel that the course is not enough and you would like to have some real hands-on experience and be able to discuss your thinking with like-minded investors. The Valuation Master Class Boot Camp is right up your alley.

  • 6-week guided intensive online Boot Camp

  • Daily live sessions, team support, progress tracking 

  • The final valuation project is tangible evidence of your dedication

  • Remember to use the code Investacus to get a super-early bird price of $697! (Regular price $1,397)

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RoboMarkets is an award-winning broker active in the majority of the European markets.

  • Low transactions costs

  • Access to EFTs if you sign up as a professional customer

  • Access to 12.000+ equities to trade

  • A user-friendly and sophisticated terminal

  • Local customer support

Sign up here with RoboMarkets

RoboMarkets has received awards for

  • Best Stocks Broker (Europe) by Global Forex Awards - B2B

  • Best Indices Broker (Global) by International Business Magazine Awards

  • Best Value Broker (Global) by World Economic Magazine Awards

RoboMarkets Ltd är regulated by CySEC and are active in 29 European markets.

SaveLend is an investing platform that offers investors the to invest in credits since 2014. Investing in credits is good diversification to an equity portfolio and creates a stable return in your portfolio. SaveLend also has a lot of different credits to invest in, from real estate projects, business loans, consumer loans, import finances, rental projects, factoring, and debt collection portfolios. They provide a secondary market where you can sell your credits before they are fully paid out if you need your money before the payout date.

The platform aims to return 7-9% a year after credit losses and fees and has, in the last years it has had a return of ~9% per year. I have invested since May 2021, and I love the SmartInvest feature. It invests automatically for me according to my settings. I only look at the portfolio now and then.

  • 7-9% in return a year

  • Great diversification to an equity portfolio

  • Offers many different credit types for you to diversify your credit portfolio

  • You can sell your credits on the secondary market

  • SmartInvest to invest automatically for you!

Start investing in SaveLend today by clicking the button below and get €20 or more when you invest at least €500!

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